Oil - Machinery



Oil is a common cause of water pollution and even a small amount has a significant negative effect on plants and animals. It can also make water unfit for drinking or irrigation.

Even a very small quantity of a pollutant, or just one accidental discharge, can drastically alter the quality of a stream. Fish, insects and plants can be killed and habitats destroyed. A waterway can take years to recover.


R.O.S.E. (Recovering Oil Saves the Environment) is a scheme set up in New Zealand with the purpose to manage and contract the collection of used (waste) oil from vehicles and machinery. This oil can be reused as an alternative fuel source to diesel, light fuel oil (LFO), and gas.  R.O.S.E. promotes reusing the used oil to assist in minimising the potential for illegal and harmful discharges to the environment and to provide a sustainable end-use for waste oil products.


Waste oil from vehicles and machinery can be taken to the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre for disposal in the R.O.S.E. container (fees apply).

Used oil can be recycled and used in space heaters, asphalt plants, reprocessed into lubricant and used for dust suppression.

  • Do not mix used oil with other fuels or lubricants
  • Store in a non-leaking labelled container


Always dispose of waste oil conscientiously.