Garden Waste



Please keep garden waste out of landfill.

"When organic waste is put into a landfill, it breaks down by a process called anaerobic decomposition. The organic waste creates a liquid called leachate, and two main gases - methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), both of which are greenhouse gases."

See full article here from LEARNZ


Grass, lawn clippings to tree prunings, through to rose clippings and weeds. You can turn your garden waste into a useful product by:

  • borrowing or hiring a mulcher to shred your garden waste into a mulch to put back onto your garden. Note: cabbage tree (Tī kouka), flax (harakeke) and palm leaves may damage mobile chipping equipment
  • mowing your lawn without a catcher and leave your grass clippings on the lawn - this returns nutrients and water to the trimmed grass
  • drying out your grass clippings and autumn leaves to use as a mulch
  • composting it.


Composting and mulching are about the best reuse of green waste possible.


Green waste can be taken to the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre and the Midtown Transfer Station. (Fees apply.)

Cabbage tree (Tī kouka), flax (harakeke) and palm leaves are accepted at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre as green waste. 


Please keep from landfill wherever possible.