Gift Wrap



Gift wrap that is plastic-coated, foil, or embossed and embellishments such as plastic ribbons and rosettes will not biodegrade. Please reuse and repurpose to keep out of landfill.


Let your creativity flow with new ideas for recycled giftwrapping: try fabrics, bags, newspaper, magazines, old sheet music, children's artwork.

If you prefer to use traditional wrapping paper, avoid foil products, as these do not biodegrade.


Reduce the need to buy new gift wrap by reusing and repurposing other materials. 


Take to the ReUse Academy for art/craft projects. Reuse newspapers, brochures, maps, sheet music, gift bags with embellishments.

By carefully unwrapping a gift, the paper can be reused to wrap another present.

Reuse a scarf, piece of fabric to wrap a gift. This can be reused itself later.


Paper wrapping can be recycled. Place in the mixed paper cage at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.


Foil, plastic-coated, embossed wrapping papers cannot be recycled. Send to landfill as a last option.