Quilt batting or inner fibres which are synthetic will not biodegrade.

Microfibre textiles pollute our environment, waterways and are therefore harmful to wildlife.


Handmade quilts tend to have wool or cotton batting. Machine-made quilts tend to have polyester or synthetic fill.

See related textile information under clothing.


Minimise the need to replace quilts, by purchasing good quality ones which can last a lifetime and be machine washed.

Rather than replacing a torn quilt, repair it. 


Donate good quality quilts to Women's Refuge, Koha Shed, charity/secondhand shops.

If the quilt is torn or damaged, it could be reused as

  • Pet bedding
  • Donate to the SPCA for bedding
  • Cut the quilt into squares and make into new patchwork quilt
  • Keep to use as stuffing for another project


Good, clean quilts can be recycled through clothing bins.