Ice Cream Container



Ice cream containers are plastic and do not biodegrade.


You can reduce the need for new ice cream containers by making your own ice cream.

The Healthy Food Guide website has recipes for frozen deserts and home-made ice cream.

Search for "Nice cream" on the internet, and try some recipes.


Ice cream containers are an excellent storage device for crayons, pens, buttons, nuts and bolts, as a water bowl for pets, lunch box.

Lids can be used to make ornaments, coasters, decorations.

Tape together several lids (white side out) and make into your own personal whiteboard.

Use an ice cream container as a kitchen caddy for your food scraps.  When full, empty the container into your larger compost or worm bin.


The ReUse Academy also collects ice cream containers - especially white ones for reuse by a local berry farm.

Clean ice cream containers can be recycled at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.


Please recycle or reuse and keep from landfill wherever possible.