Sports Equipment



Sports equipment can be expensive. If you have pre-loved good quality sports equipment, please consider recycling through REPLAY which collects, collates and re distributes recycled sports gear locally.

"Sport New Zealand is proud to be the guardian of our country’s world-leading sporting system, from grassroots through to elite sport." There is info on here re volunteering, careers, funding, getting kids active, find a sport, coaching. 


If you are just starting out or trialling a sport, see if you can hire any equipment needed before fully committing to a purchase. 

Buy secondhand sports gear locally or online.

Share sports equipment with family, friends and neighbours.

Ask your local school if you can borrow equipment over the school holidays.


Consider gifting your sports gear or on-selling it.


Please recycle your pre-loved good quality sports equipment through REPLAY. Here are some items they would appreciate receiving

rugby and touch rugby balls, footballs, netballs, basketballs, shin pads, sprig boots, sneakers, tennis balls and racquets, hockey sticks, balls and shin pads, badminton racquets, cricket bats, balls and pads

Collection bins are in these locations

Mitre 10 MEGA is a sponsor of Replay and donates space to store and organise the gear.