Televisions are considered part of the e-waste stream. As a large percentage of what is inside a television can be recycled it is important to be conscientious when disposing of these electronic items.

See e-waste for more information.


Purchasing a TV can be expensive. Where practical choose a good quality, energy-efficient set that will last a lifetime.  Alternatively, look at buying second-hand, which can be cheaper.

Rather than replacing a broken TV, see if it can be repaired.  Check out the TV Installation & Repair listed in the Yellow Pages.


A TV set in good working order can be 

  • used as a second TV in a bedroom
  • set up for playing video games

Consider on-selling or donating your working TV.


Televisions are recycled at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre as e-waste (fees apply).


Please keep from landfill as televisions contain toxic substances which will pollute our environment.