Modern Cloth Nappy



The Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) comes in a variety of sizes from newborn to toddler, in different shapes and with different fixtures. One cloth nappy can grace the bottom of many beautiful babies. The innovaton of the MCN is great for the environment.

  • A family can save $4000 per child by using cloth nappies.
  • By the time a child reaches two and a half they will have used approximately 6,500 nappies (if disposables, over 10 tonnes of waste).
  • There are 145,000 babies in NZ in nappies under 2.5 years.
  • Some council figures indicate disposables make up 11-14% of the domestic waste stream.  (Cloth Nappy Facts and FAQ)

The Nappy Godmother runs a reusable cloth nappy service in Whanganui.

The Nappy Lady (Kate Meads) runs waste-free parenting workshops in Whanganui periodically and has great resources.


Reduce the need for disposable nappies by buying modern cloth nappies. 


There are many types of reusable modern cloth nappy available in New Zealand. Here are some care tips, to get even more life out of them. There is a good secondhand market in reusable nappies.


When your child no longer needs nappies, consider gifting your reusable ones to another family.