Save a tree! Read your favourite magazine online or share with a friend.

Say "no thanks" and unsubscribe from freebie and marketing magazines.

It can take between 2 weeks and 12 months in a landfill for magazines to completely decompose. However, when we recycle paper items, we can easily save a lot of landfill space, while reducing the energy and virgin materials required to make new paper in the first place.

Regardless of the type of paper - coatings, adhesives and other materials can affect decomposition. Coatings on magazine covers and pages provide a barrier that can slow the breakdown of the paper, as can adhesives on the spine. The presence of these reduces the quality of recovered (recycled) paper as well. 


Reduce the number of magazines purchased by reading or borrowing from your local library.

Check if your favourite magazine has an on-line version.


Share magazines (and share a subscription) among friends and family.

Donate to waiting rooms (hospital, dentist, doctor) or staff room.

Take to the ReUse Academy to be upcycled for art and craft projects.


Magazines can be placed in the mixed paper cage at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.