Baking Paper



There are concerns with some baking papers containing bleach and dioxins which, when heated, leach into the food placed on it. Look for Chlorine- and Quilon-free paper if you must use a baking paper.


There are two types of paper used for cooking and food preparations: baking paper and waxed paper. 

Baking paper also known as greaseproof paper or baking parchment is used in baking and cooking providing a heat-resistant, non-stick surface to bake on. It is also used to pack greasy foods like butter. It may have a plastic or chemical coating.

Waxed paper or lunchwrap actually has wax on it. This creates a non-stick surface but, for obvious reasons, cannot be used at the high temperatures required for baking.

Choose eco-friendly paper from sustainable forestry sources where possible.


Save a tree! Choose safe, non-stick cookware or grease your dish or tray with oil, margarine or butter prior to placing food on it.


Baking/waxed paper cannot be recycled, and does not decompose well due to the waxy coating.