Bin Liner



Black plastic and other bin liners are made from petroleum or natural gas - both non-renewable resources. They can take anywhere from fifteen to a thousand years to degrade.


Plastic bin liners cause the same environmental problems as single-use plastic bags (which were banned, effective 1 July 2019). 

Some useful tips here on how to go plastic bin-liner FREE!

A useful article here from Method on different types of bin liners: degradable, biodegradable, home compostable, commercially compostable ... 

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Reduce the quantity of plastic bin liners needed by:

  • composting your food waste
  • separating any yucky packaging and non-compostable food waste into a container in your freezer and put this out with your rubbish only on collection day
  • choosing properly biodegradable/compostable bin liners
  • buying reusable bin liners


Wash and reuse plastic bin liners as much as possible.


Keep plastic from landfill wherever possible.