Car Seat (baby)



"Imagine 100,000 car seats sitting end to end …
They would stretch from Auckland’s CBD to Pukekohe.
That’s the minimum number of car seats that expire every year in New Zealand.
Don’t let your expired or damaged car seat end up in landfill or be sold."

Read more on the SeatSmart website. 

SeatSmart is a great New Zealand initiative which collects baby car seats for recycling.

There are lots positive environmental and social outcomes from recycling your seat

  • Diverting tonnes of plastic and metal from landfill each year
  • Providing dismantling work for people who have a disability, or are disadvantage or marginalised
  • Improving child safety by raising awareness of seat expiry dates
  • Lowering the use of virgin materials to make new plastic and metal
  • Providing used materials to be repurposed into new items.


If you have a baby car seat which is safe and not past its expiry date, consider gifting, donating or on-selling it.


Take expired or damaged baby car seats to the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre for recycling. The Whanganui District Council subsidises the SeatSmart collection programme at the WRRC, so instead of costing $25 there is only a $5 per seat fee.  

Booster seats not accepted, sorry.