Writing Instrument



The following can be recycled: pens, felt tips, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencil, correction pens and fluid pots, fountain pens, pen ink cartridges.

Please note the following are not accepted: glue sticks, rubbers, rulers, pencils and other sharp objects such as scissors.


Purchase eco-friendly writing instruments rather than plastic ones when a choice is available.

Give surplus writing instruments to an early childhood centre, kura, school or take to the ReUse Academy at the Whanganui Environment Base.

Three tricks to revive a ballpoint pen: hold the tip under boiling water, dip the point into a solvent such as nail polish, or scribble across a shoe's rubber sole (the friction of movement and "stickability" of the rubber should help loosen any dried ink).

Read three ways to revive dried out marker pens.


First Years Learning Centre at 38 Smithfield Road, Gonville collects writing instruments in a special letterbox. The children and staff are keen to see these being kept out of the landfill. UPDATE: This recycling programme is no longer free for First Years Learning Centre. They are continuing to recycle writing instruments but a full box costs $300 to return to Terracycle. Please give a donation when you post your pens into their letterbox.

The Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre and the WhEB office both have collection boxes - please ask!


Please keep plastic items from landfill wherever possible.