Here's an interesting Stuff article on the sustainability of newsprint paper-making in New Zealand.

Recycled newspapers are generally made into new newsprint, egg cartons or paperboard.


Reduce newspaper waste by subscribing to an electronic version.


Newspapers can be composted, used as a weed barrier, as mulch in the garden, and for lining pet beds and trays. There is usually a stack of newspaper available at the ReUse Academy available for this purpose.

These instructions show how to make bin liners out of newspaper. Make smaller ones for doggy-doo duty.

Wrap and protect items in newspaper and scrunch it to use as space-filler in packing boxes.

If you're really keen, learn how newspapers can be made into fire bricks.

Check online for many other creative reuses for newspaper.


Newspapers can be recycled at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.


Dispose of newspapers at the local waste transfer station or put out in your rubbish bag.