Plastic Bottle



Plastic is a petroleum-based product and does not biodegrade easily. Mining for the oil to make plastic is harmful to the environment.


  • The word plastic comes from the Greek word "plasticos" which means to be shaped or moulded by heat.
  • Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60W bulb for up to 6 hours.
  • It takes about 450 years just for one plastic bottle to break down in the ground.
        (source: South Lakeland Recycling UK)

"Imagine a one litre water bottle filled one quarter of the way up with oil. That’s about how much oil was needed to produce the bottle. Plus three bottles of water are required to make the bottle." (Refill NZ)


Reduce single-use plastic bottles by purchasing a reusable one and taking your own water or juice with you. 

The RefillNZ initiative is brilliant for offering places to refill your water bottle on the go. Go to the Where To Refill page for local subscribers - they'll have a sticker on their window. Encourage your favourite cafes/eateries to sign up!

See eco-refill


Reusable water bottles are available in BPA-free plastic, bamboo, stainless steel, glass.

Plastic bottles can be made into small plant terrariums for seedlings, watering funnels/drip waterers, bird feeders. Here are some of the many creative reuses to be found online. 


Clean plastic bottles can be recycled at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre. Bottles can be scrunched (to reduce volume) and have the lids left on when recycled.

Where do all the plastic bottles go?

Shampoo Plus on Victoria Avenue has a bin for plastic product bottles. These are recycled into Eco Combs - great initiative!


Please keep from landfill.