Eco-friendly wallpapers (and paste) do exist. Read more in this Abode article.

Check if you would be adding air miles on to your purchase in terms of its eco-footprint as there is only one wallpaper manufacturer in New Zealand, in Porirua.

The wallpaper industry divides the manufacture of wallpaper into residential and business applications; these two categories of paper differing in weight, serviceability, and quality standards. Residential-use wallpapers are made from various materials and can be purchased prepasted or unpasted. Commercial-grade wallpapers are divided into categories based on weight, backing composition, and have a laminate/coating and a vinyl surface.


Save a tree! Choose an eco-friendly wallcovering alternative such as natural fibre, grasscloth paper, bamboo, cork, wood veneer, a green “living” wall.

Reduce the impact on the environment by choosing environmentally-friendly wallpaper (and paste).


Use leftover wallpaper for lining drawers and shelves.

Look online for more creative uses for wallpaper, e.g. lampshade, wrap presents, cover storage boxes, decorate stair risers, book covers, decoupage a table top, line the inside of cupboards ...

Leftover wallpaper in small quantities can be taken to the ReUse Academy for redistribution.


Paper-based wallpaper with no adhesives or plastics can be recycled in the mixed paper cage at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.