Window Glass



Please do not place broken window glass in the glass recycling bin at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre as the window glass will contaminate the contents of the entire bin.


Windows are an example of treated glass, and are much more difficult to break than a glass bottle. Glass manufacturers use different processes and materials to make container glass (bottles and jars) and treated glass. Treated glass is reinforced with chemicals to make it stronger and less likely to break. 

The process for recycling glass involves melting it in a furnace. Treated glass requires a much higher temperature to melt, so if window glass gets mixed in with container glass, it contaminates the entire recycling batch with chemicals that prevent use as recycled containers.

There is currently no public window glass collection or recycling facility in Whanganui. (However, we are aware Tasman Insulation in Auckland processes 6,600 tonnes of waste window glass annually.)


If you have window frames/glass which can be reused, consider donating or on-selling.

Make a glasshouse or seedling house out of repurposed window frames.


There is currently no window glass recycling option available locally.


Wrap carefully and dispose in landfill if no other option available.