Aluminium Coffee Pod



Is there a problem with coffee pod waste? Well, yes! Millions of coffee pods find their way to landfill each year. Read this article on one European city's view.

The environment ultimately pays the price for our convenience.

This Consumer article says, "Our 2018 survey of 94 capsule coffee drinkers found 58% recycled their capsules. However, 30% didn’t know they could recycle capsules." Scroll down for reviews on refillable capsules.

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There are plenty of great coffee machines available which do not require aluminium pods. No pods - less natural resources used and less waste.



Reusable/refillable coffee pods are available: search online.


Check if your coffee pods can be recycled through the Terracycle programme here.

Clean your used pods and recycle at Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.

Aluminium loses no quality during recycling and can be recycled endlessly.


If pure aluminium these can be recycled. If pods are plastic-lined, they cannot be recycled.