Aluminium Foil, Pie Plate, Tray



Aluminium foil is sometimes confused with tin foil (which is a thin leaf made of tin).  Aluminium foil, which is cheaper and more durable, superseded tin foil after World War II. 

While aluminium foil is able to be recycled it has a less-than-auspicious source, being made from bauxite which is mined from open-pit or dredging mines that have damaging environmental impacts threatening sensitive ecosystems.

Aluminium processing is water- and energy-hungry and produces a variety of pollutants.

The environmental cost of destructive mining and aluminium production cannot be undone by recycling.


Reduce the need for aluminium foil by using a heatproof dish with a lid.

Buy unwrapped Easter eggs! 


Get creative! Look on Pinterest or Instagram for art and craft ideas to upcycle aluminium foil.


Recycle at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre. Clean aluminium foil, pie plates and trays can be recycled. Gently rinse to remove all food remnants and leave to dry. Do not crush.

Where do all the aluminium products go?


This item can be recycled. If you are unable to reduce or recycle aluminium foil, dispose through your local refuse collection service.