Home appliances can be divided into two groups: "white goods" and "brown goods". White goods refers to the large household appliances of fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. These goods are typically coloured white - hence the term "white goods". Brown goods refers to the smaller household appliances of toasters, electric kettles, TVs, game consoles, phones and microwaves.

Check online reviews prior to purchase and buy brands known to be reliable, energy-efficient products which will last a life-time (or longer!). Buy from manufacturers which are working towards cradle-to-cradle design and have take-back schemes for recycling components.


Buy second-hand. Choose to avoid purchasing gimmicky items which will break easily or soon be consigned to the back of your cupboard.


Appliances which still work are accepted by some charity shops.


Some metal appliances are accepted by Grumpy Old Men Enterprises, Hinau Street to be stripped for parts and saleable elements. These guys will take metal toasters, kettles, microwaves, appliances, stoves, TVs, stereos etc. All funds raised from the scrap are donated to local children's groups or local charities. Contact Jim  027 444 7474.

Some metal appliances can be put in the scrap metal bin at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.

Some appliances can be recycled at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre (fees may apply).


Please keep from landfill, as appliances do not biodegrade.