Cable (computer)



Cables contain recoverable, recyclable wiring. The most common metals used are copper and aluminium. When recycled these metals don’t degrade which means they can be recycled indefinitely. Using recycled metals results in a reduction of mining and reduction of emissions compared to producing them from raw materials. Copper, aluminium and oil (from which plastic is derived) are all finite resources, so recycling helps preserve the Earth's natural resources.

Cables sent for recycling will be granulated and then the metal separated from the insulation. Using this process, the plastic is removed and the copper, aluminium or other metals present are separated magnetically for recycling. These metals are then smelted for reuse in new metal products. Similarly the plastic is melted and extruded for reuse.


Use cables as ties in place of rope.

Look online for creative uses for cables such as baskets, bags, woven chair seats, artworks.


The Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre and Grumpy Old Men Enterprises at 28 Hinau Street will take computer cables for recycling. Gome can be contacted via their Facebook page or Jim on 027 444 7474.


The plastic or rubber sheathing around cables will not biodegrade. Please keep from landfill.