Save a tree! Recycle your calendar, use a dry-erase, perpetual or electronic one.

Visit this website to see in which years your old calendars can be reused: 

  • 2020 calendar days are the same as from these years: 1992 1964 1936 1908!
  • In the future your 2020 calendar can be reused in these years: 2048 2076.


Reduce the need for new calendars by making a perpetual one.


Take old calendars to the ReUse Academy at the Whanganui Environment Base for reuse in craft projects.

One local Mum says she uses old calendar pictures to cover her kids' school books. They love choosing the pictures.


Paper calendars can be recycled in the mixed paper cage at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.


Glossy paper can indicate some plastic content and does not biodegrade easily, so best to keep these out of landfill where possible.