Card (greeting)



Save a tree! Reuse or recycle all greeting cards and business cards.

Some greeting cards have cellophane sleeves protecting them which are non-biodegradable.

If you need to have an invitation card or business card printed, consider using recycled paper/card stock.

See paper


Reduce the need to purchase cards by sending an e-card (electronic card), an email or make a phone call instead.

Reduce waste by purchasing cards without a cellophane sleeve and non-paper embellishments.


Take to the ReUse Academy at the Whanganui Environment Base for art/craft projects. If unused they can also be taken to a secondhand or charity shop, or ask your local kindergarten or playcentre if they would like them for craft activities.

Make your own cards out of recycled materials. Glue two business cards together to make a gift-tag.


Cards which contain no plastic or metallicised elements can be recycled in the mixed paper cage at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.