Yoghurt Container



While it sounds good that yoghurt pots are currently being recycled and used in a roading materials trial, they are made from plastic which is a petroleum-based product and their manufacture and use is harmful to the Earth.

Yogurt containers are made of polypropylene, also known as PP or by the recycling #5 which is considered a food-safe plastic. Many manufacturers now top smaller yogurt containers with a piece of foil. 


Reduce plastic and foil waste and save money by making your own yoghurt.

Buy a large container of yoghurt and separate it into smaller, reusable snack-size containers.


Keep plastic yoghurt tubs to reuse for your home-made yoghurt.

Larger yoghurt tubs can be used for storing all sorts of small things around the house.

Small yoghurt pots can be filled with juice and an icecream stick, and frozen to make popsicles.

Small yoghurt pots can be used to grow seedlings.


Clean yoghurt tubs can be recycled at the Whanganui Resource Recycling Centre.

Check the recycling symbol on the tub and lid, as these may differ.


Yoghurt tubs will not biodegrade. Please keep from landfill wherever possible.