Bread Bag Tag



Take your bread bag tags to St Mary's School office which is a collection point for an international programme which raises funds to buy wheelchairs for people in need in Africa. It takes 260,000 bread tags to purchase a basic wheelchair – so every bread tag counts! This article describes how a St Mary's School student started up this collection in Whanganui.

Wikipedia informs us that the Washington US company Kwik Lok is still the main manufacturer of bread bag tags.

Recycling equipment cannot sort them because they are too small and, besides, they are made from #6 plastic (aka polystyrene) which is not recyclable. 

Ask your favourite bread-making company if it has looked into environmentally-friendly alternatives for its bread bag tags.


Reduce your bread bag tag collection by baking your own bread or buying unwrapped from the local market and bakeries. Take your own reusable bag to have your bread put into.


There are many practical and creative reuses for bread bag tags online.


Take your bread bag tags into St Mary's School office.

The Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre is looking into where and how it could be a collection point for bread bag tags. Start your collection now and check back to see when this gets underway.


Please keep from landfill wherever possible.