Animal (deceased)



Whether they are a beloved pet, or a farm animal it can be difficult to deal with the death of an animal.

Contact your local Vet clinic for pet euthanasia and cremation services. Some have biodegradable eco-friendly calico wrapping for pets being buried at home. 

The Cremate-a-mate service is available locally.

Taxidermy and Freeze-Dry Taxidermy may be an option for your beloved pet.

Farm animals: check with Horizons Regional Council for guidance on burning or use of offal pits.

Information on how to report dead stock in waterways is here on the Horizons Regional Council Pollution Hotline.


If you are unable to dispose of your small animal using the above services, the next best practical option is disposal to the regional landfill. Please triple bag the small animal prior to placing it in your landfill-rubbish container.