Foil Wrapper



"A packet of crisps take mere minutes to devour but the packaging can take up to eight decades to decompose."


The inside of a chip bag is shiny and foil-like. This shiny material is a metallised polymer layer that is usually coated with aluminum. The metallised layer serves as an effective air and moisture barrier, playing a large role in extending the product's shelf life. These layers cannot be separated which is why chip bags are difficult to recycle.

  • Contact your favourite brand and ask them for a recycling or biodegradable solution for their products. Consumer pressure can be a great motivator for brands!


Reduce the need for "convenience" pre-packaged food by making your own snacks. This article on Kiwi Families' website is a great resource.

Check the packaging before you buy and only purchase goodies in compostable/biodegradable packaging.


Clean chippy packets, for example, can be crafted into baskets, aprons, tablemats, coasters. Pinterest has lots of ideas. You can also try these:

  • turn inside out and use for newly potted plants before transferring into the garden
  • cover open food containers when on picnics
  • use as a rubbish bag or to store dirty oil rags in your car
  • wrap breakables when packing 
  • use them to collect berries and small vegetables
  • use to carry your day's fish catch


There is currently no recycling available. Terracycle is hoping to start a recycling collection service in the future.


Foil food wrappers and packets do not biodegrade. Please keep from landfill wherever possible.