Junk Mail



Junk mail includes all unsolicited advertising mail, direct mail, admail, leaflets, flyers, circulars, catalogues and pamphlets.

"... the average household receives about 33 kilograms every year - about the weight of a golden retriever."

Save a tree! Place a "NO JUNK MAIL" or "NO CIRCULARS" or "ADDRESSED MAIL ONLY" sign on your mailbox.


Say "No thanks" when offered a catalogue or to be entered on a mail-out database. Ask if there is an email catalogue or newsletter database instead.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has some great pointers for reducing unaddressed junk mail and addressed marketing mail.


Make it into an envelope or decoration.

Use for an art and craft project.

Use it as wrapping paper.

Compost it - if newsprint stock (not glossy).


Junk mail can be placed in the mixed paper cage at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre.


The glossy paper of some junk mailers does not biodegrade well, and should be kept from landfill where possible.