Repeated visits to this ReSource A-Z website are likely to redefine what you think of as "rubbish" J 


Think about the elements that make up the rubbish in your bin bag:

  • Are any items over-packaged and are there alternatives?
  • Are there fast-fashion items which are likely to be worn a couple of times then recycled?
  • Is there food waste which should be composted rather than sent to landfill?

Choose to spend your dollars where they can count for the environment.

Whanganui District Council has a waste minimisation target of reducing waste to landfill by 50% before 2025. Be part of the solution by rethinking your purchasing and what you consider to be "rubbish" or "waste".


Reduce the volume of rubbish to landfill by rethinking

  • consumerism - what purchases have been made which were unnecessary, overpackaged and a waste of the Earth's resources?
  • waste - what you see as rubbish could be a valuable resource for someone else.


What are you throwing out that you or someone else could reuse, repurpose, upcycle?

Consider taking to a secondhand shop or the ReUse Academy.


Are there items in your rubbish bag or bin which could be recycled?

Check the list of items taken at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre before sending to landfill.


Rubbish bags can be taken to the Midtown Transfer Station and are also accepted at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre (fees apply).