Food & Fruit (harvest Surplus)



There are many local groups who would love your surplus fruit and veg.

Food and fruit are best kept out of landfill. When organic material is buried it breaks down in a way that generates methane, a greenhouse gas which is harmful to the environment. 

See more under food waste


Reduce waste by offering harvested fruit to friends, neighbours, put a "help yourself" box out on your kerbside.

Contact our local Community Fruit Harvest group or Tony at the Lions Club (m 027 201 4741). These groups will help harvest and then distribute food and fruit to community agencies.

Consider joining the River Exchange Barter System (REBS) to sell/barter your surplus produce.


Check with local food banks to see what fresh produce they are able to take: Koha Shed, Salvation Army, City Mission.

Consider setting up a food and vege exchange in your neighbourhood.

Check out the community fruit and veg stands movement and an article about a local initiative.


If you can't give your surplus away, consider an Easy Earth pick-up service. Easy Earth has bucket swap-zones at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre and the Crazy Pumpkin (on Taupo Quay).


If all else fails - compost!